We have published Asakusabashi Strolling Map 2022!

Maps will be available in the listed stores after May, but if you want to get them as soon as possible, they are distributed at the Asakusabashi District Center. It is located in the lobby on the 1st floor, so feel free to take it (free of charge). In addition, you can obtain the map by mail (link below). Please enjoy strolling Asakusabashi area with this map!

You can order the map by mail.

Please order from this link (160JPY each, including shipping cost)

Asakusabashi Strolling Map 2016 is now available!

We just published the Asakusabashi Strolling Map 2016, it is the first edition of the English version of “Asakusabashi Burabura Map.”




The printed map can be obtained at Asakusabashi Chiku Center (Asakusabashi 2-8-7) for free.  Enjoy strolling around Asakusabashi with the map in hand.

Asakusabashi strolling map 2016 will be available by the end of April.

The new English edition of Asakusabashi Buraburamap, “Asakusabashi strolling map 2016” is on schedule. Although we make limited quantity of the English edition, the map should be available by the end of April, 2016. If you are interested, please come to Asakusabashi Chiku Center (2-8-7 Asakusabashi).


Sakura at Ryuhoku park (shoot on 2016/3/31).


Cherry blossoms likely in full bloom within 2-3 days.



You can enjoy other flowers as well.



The monument of former Ryuhoku Elem. Sch.

We are preparing English site!

We are now working on the English version of Asakusabashi Burabura Map (Asakusabashi Strolling Map).  We hope visitors from oversea will enjoy strolling this “deep area” of Tokyo by having Asakusabashi map in English.  This site should be in fully functional around April 2016, by the time of new 2016 edition of Asakusabashi Burabura Map becomes available.