Hello!  We now have the English version of Asakusabashi Burabura Map (Asakusabashi Strolling Map)!  We hope visitors from oversea will enjoy strolling this “deep area” of Tokyo by having Asakusabashi map in English.

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Welcome to Asakusabashi !

During the Edo era, there were a number of gift shops along Edo-dori for the visitors to Senso-ji temple. This is the reason why many doll and toy shops are in business along Edo-dori today. There are also various wholesalers in this area because of its proximity to the confluence of the Sumida River and the Kanda River; Asakusabashi was a major logistics hub before automobiles supplanted boats as the main mode of transportation. We hope you will find many interesting sides to Shitamachi Tokyo by strolling around this area, which seldom gets mentioned in the guidebooks to Tokyo.